Warm, Windy Ahead Of Spring Storm Arriving Sunday

Meteorologist Chris Spears has your forecast.

Video Transcript

- At Colorado's Weather Center. Hey, Chris.

CHRIS SPEARS: Well, hey, there. Good morning. A live view for you from Lookout Mountain. Sun is coming up. We have a little bit of cloud cover in the area, and we're going to see some clouds off and on today as part of a weather change brewing for the last half of your weekend. Today is your pick day if you need to do something outside.

It's going to be just beautiful. 20s and 30s pretty common all across the state. A few places like DIA and Trinidad already in the 40s. Out west we have some 40s, Telluride and Grand Junction. It's 28 in Avon. 42 degrees at Randy's house in Ridgeway on the western slope and Meg Armstrong, northeast of Parker, 45 degrees. Good morning to our weather watchers.

At this moment, the wind not too big of an issue, but this is going to pick up. In fact, we have a wind advisory in northwestern Colorado. Wind speeds today could get as high as 20 to 30 and 35 miles per hour. You see a little bit of cloud cover coming in from the west will widen out the view for you.

There's a cold front lurking back right around Salt Lake City, and there's a pretty good line of rain and snow associated with this. It's all part of a big trough of low pressure in the upper atmosphere, and this trough is going to kind of move into the Rockies and park itself. In fact, it's going to hang out for most of the upcoming week, which will be keeping us somewhat unsettled.

Here's FutureCast. Most of today is dry. If you need to do something outside, it'll be warm but windy at times. Tonight, snow comes into the high country as that cold front enters the state. We'll have snow overnight in the mountain locations. Tomorrow, we wake up with cloud cover here in Denver. We will see some rain develop tomorrow afternoon as low pressure spins up on the southeastern plains, and then watch this.

Tomorrow night and into your Monday, we're going to see a pretty good area of snow here along the front range. I want to show you a preliminary snowfall forecast. Most of this accumulation will come Sunday night and into Monday morning. In metro Denver we're thinking two to four inches, potentially. A little bit closer in here, and you can see again, most of the accumulation comes in the evening on Monday, or excuse me Sunday into Monday, and again, two to four inches is what we're thinking right now with higher totals in the foothills.

Highs today, 60s and 70s lower elevations. 50s in the high country. A wide variety of temperatures in the metro area because of snowpack. Downtown we can hit the low 70s, only in the upper 50s around Fort Collins. Justin, here's that five day forecast. Big cool down tomorrow into Monday, only in the 30s and 40s with that rain to snow. It stays cool and unsettled for most of the upcoming week.

- All right, let's keep the heat going before it really gets chilly again. Thank you so much, Chris.