Warmer Temperatures And Sunshine Before Next System

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- Lauren

LAUREN WHITNEY: Well, outside right now we actually had a pretty beautiful day. We had that little bit of light snow to start the day. And then the sunshine came out a little bit later. There's still just a little bit of moisture off to our West. And you can see down to the South and parts of the Sangre de Cristo mountain areas we do have a little bit of lingering snow. It's not much. We're not looking at a ton still left in that area. But we are going to see some clearing.

Now down into the Southeast along the Gulf region here, we have a huge outbreak of some severe weather. It's a pretty nasty situation. You can see the severe thunderstorm warnings in place, tornadoes are likely, even overnight tonight through tomorrow morning. So our area of low pressure that brought us just a little disturbance today. Moving on, and it will keep cruising, and then we're going to see severe weather more onto the Southeast tomorrow near Georgia and into the Carolinas.

For us though, high pressure builds back in over the next couple of days. And we're looking at a lot of sunshine with warm conditions. So we'll get a little bit more melting around here. But there's another storm looming just off to our West up in the Pacific Northwest. There will be a new storm that heads our way early next week, maybe late Sunday into the early part of the week.

So future cast for tonight, no real changes out there. We're going to stay on the dry side once that snow clears. And then we'll wake up to sunshine tomorrow. Maybe a few clouds on the Western side of the state and maybe a few in the afternoon and evening for the front range. But other than that, we really don't expect any moisture. So we get a little break from our snow. And our snow is so great. We had our snow pack updated today. And almost everyone is back above 90% or 100%.

We still have the Gunnison, and San Miguel, and San Juan River basins below 90%. But we're at 92% statewide. We obviously need more in many areas, especially in the high country. So that next storm hopefully will bring some good snow to the mountains. Right now, we have 33 out at DIA, 43 in Boulder, 35 in Fort Collins. Upper 30s, low 40s out East, 20s to the 40s in the high country.

So again, some fairly mild temperatures. Our almanac has not been updated yet. So stay tuned at 6 o'clock for those of you who track that. The National Weather Service a little late today. 33, our current temperature right now at a DIA, 42 downtown, and we have 36 from our weather Watcher Paul Kaplan just Northwest of Gunnison.

Now our temperatures tonight, it's a little chilly in some areas. 20 in Denver, 22 in Boulder, 19 in Fort Collins, teens, 20s out East, high country lots of teens and single digits out there. And then we have the teens and 20s off to the West. And for your temperatures tomorrow, we warm up to 47 in Denver, 43 in Boulder, and Fort Collins. Some 50s out on the Eastern plains, 40s to the 50s in the high country, and then 50s and the 60s off to our West.

For our five day forecast, 50s by Friday. Saturday we're in the 60s. And then Sunday evening, we may get some rain around here with maybe some snow on Monday morning. Then clearing for some warmer temperatures by the afternoon.

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