Warmer And Windy Wednesday Ahead

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Video Transcript

- Lauren, it is wet outside.

LAUREN WHITNEY: Oh boy, is it raining hard in many areas. All the way from Brighton through Denver, down toward Littleton, out near Aurora and DIA, we have some really heavy rain. You can see by the dark yellow and orange contour on your screen there, that indicates the heaviest of the rainfall.

Once you get a little bit more to the west, we do have some snow near Georgetown, Winter Park right now. A little wider look up to the north, Fort Collins, you're kind of clearing from some rain right now. Down near Castle Rock, some heavier rain. And down near Castle Pines, we actually have a little bit of snow right now. So it is coming down nicely. This is a good drink of water for Colorado. And in the High Country, we still have a little bit of lingering snow as well in some areas. Southern Colorado, unfortunately, you guys didn't really tap into this today, so you guys are staying on the dry and very, very windy side.

So there's a lot of moisture up to our north right now in parts of South Dakota. Our cold front has moved through the state, and this area of low pressure is what's bringing us the moisture. So this all continues to move to the east, and as it keeps pulling to the east, we're actually looking at a very windy day, unfortunately, again on Wednesday. So not such good news for us. It gets a little windy again on Friday for us, but that will keep moving on. And then they see some wet weather once we head towards the East Coast and Midwest.

And then for us, once we get into Thursday, we go back into a more of a zonal flow, which means we are warming back up with some mild temperatures. And a lot of sunshine for us. So this is great that we're getting this heavy rain right now. So in the next couple of hours, a lot of this will shift out on the Eastern Plains. And by about 10:00 tonight, the rain should mainly be on the Eastern Plains. And we'll continue to see a little bit of snow in the High Country overnight tonight through tomorrow morning, along with parts of the Eastern Plains. And then tomorrow, all of that will clear out and we actually get some sunshine throughout the afternoon. And again, it will remain on the windy side.

And it is still very windy in the state right now, all the way from Craig down to Cortez and into southern Colorado. Basically, everyone is windy right now. It's not so fun with that wind. And we do still have red flag warnings in place for almost all of Southern Colorado through 7:00 PM tonight. And we also have high wind warnings for the Southeast and the San Luis Valley, for gusts up to 60 miles an hour through 9:00 tonight. So while we're getting the wind and the rain, unfortunately, this area is just continuing to get a lot of very gusty wind.

40 degrees in Denver right now, but still 80 in La Junta, so they haven't been too impacted by that cool down just yet. They'll get it tomorrow. 44 in Avon, 37 in Steamboat, 51 in Burlington. And we have 49 from our weather watcher couple Welden and Carol Schneider over in Battlement Mesa.

Almanac for today. Yesterday, remember, 81. Today, 59. That actually puts us at normal. We didn't have a single normal average temperature last month, so this is the first one in a while. 60 degrees here downtown. And checking in with our temperatures tonight, 34 in Denver and Boulder and 33 for Fort Collins. Low to mid-30s out east. 20s, teens in the High Country.

And then on Wednesday, we jump back up a little bit. That's not a huge warm-up, but we get into the 60s. 63 in Denver, 62 in Boulder. 50s, 60s out east. 40s, 50s in the High Country. And then if you look at our five-day forecast, once we get to Thursday, we kind of roller coaster every day between the 70s and the upper 50s. So we just have a couple little weak disturbances that will move through, and maybe a little bit more moisture--