Warming up ahead of a strong cold front Wednesday

A warm front blowing in Tuesday will quickly be followed by a stronger cold front Wednesday.

Video Transcript

TRAVIS HERZOG: We've got another cold front on the way. And this one is a pretty strong one for late March and early April. I'm Chief Meteorologist Travis Herzog with your 1-minute weather forecast. Ahead of the front, we've got a lot of moisture flowing in on Tuesday. Good enough for a 30% chance of a shower, a spot thunderstorm. The temperatures will start off in the mid 60s around 6:00 AM and warm into the low 80s during the afternoon. But other parts of Texas will be chilling down. Look at Amarillo, a high of just 56. That front reaches us during the daylight hours of Wednesday.

Futuretrack shows lots of clouds for Tuesday with a little sunshine breaking through in the afternoon. And again, that small chance of a passing shower or stray thunderstorm. Then on Wednesday, the rain chance goes up to 40%. Looks like the front will clear Houston right around noon time, give or take an hour. And then the temperatures are really set to take a dip. You'll want to grab a jacket and take it with you before you leave the house on Wednesday. You won't need it in the morning. But watch how those temperatures go from the 70s into the 50s during the afternoon.

And there's the possibility there could be some rain lingering into Wednesday evening. So Wednesday is definitely a jacket and umbrella day. Although you can get away with the shorts and flip-flops for the morning hours. Then on Thursday and Friday, we're looking for lows in the 40s. North of Houston could even get down into the upper 30s. Friday and Thursday also looking for highs in the 60s. We start to moderate the for Easter weekend with lows back in the 50s, highs in the 70s. And we'll leave in a 20% chance of a stray shower.

As we get into the first full week of April, it looks like we're back to a more typical springlike pattern with lows in the 60s and highs in the warm 80s. I hope you enjoy the Tuesday ahead and we'll keep watching the weather for you.