Warming Trend Underway This Weekend

Meteorologist Chris Spears has your forecast.

Video Transcript

- We see something similar like that on the highway as well.

CHRIS SPEARS: Hopefully not today. We have a much different situation across the state today. A couple of different weather stories in progress. One is this one, the fog that has rolled into the front range. The other story will be wind and fire danger. We'll go through all those details here for you in just a second.

Want to start off with the state capitol. And you can see the flags are moving there. Winds are light across the metro area, but later today, and especially tonight and into tomorrow, they are going to pick up statewide. We're in the 30s this morning all along and east of Interstate 25 and most of us are above freezing. 34 in Boulder, 16 in Frisco, so a little chilly higher up. It is 39 over in Grand Junction this morning. 35 at Diane's place out there northwest of Brush and 29 over in beautiful Glenwood Springs at Bob Lockard's house.

Satellite and radar together-- we have this little northeasterly push coming in, you can kind of see it there with the cloud bank. That brought in some low level moisture, which is creating fog out there this morning. View from Lookout Mountain. It's a very shallow bank of fog. Above it it's clear and sunny. So as soon as we can burn this fog off mid-morning-- the air will kind of mix and get it out of here-- we should go over to some sunshine late morning, early afternoon. But I-70 from Denver over toward Burlington it is quite foggy. And I-25 North toward Firestone it is on the foggy side this morning.

Then, bank of clouds over in Utah-- that will be coming into Colorado tonight. You can see that here on the future cast. Clouds will increase from the west as we go into your evening today, and tonight we'll see maybe a handful of light showers developing in the higher elevations. But it's very light. I don't think you'll have any travel issues today. The wind is going to pick up, and that'll bring in some warmer temperatures-- 50s up high, 60s and 70s for the lower elevations.

And with the wind and as dry as we are, fire danger returns. Red areas on this map-- a fire weather warning this weekend. The yellow area is a fire weather watch for tomorrow. So definitely a big concern. Here's the five day forecast. 66 in Denver today, even warmer tomorrow-- 75. Justin, that warmth carries into Monday, until a cold front hits Monday night. Look at Tuesday-- 49 with some rain and maybe a rain/snow mix late. 55 on Wednesday, and then we'll warm it up again for you by next weekend.

- It's just the roller coaster of the weather here in April, huh.

CHRIS SPEARS: And that's springtime in the Rockies.

- That's right. Thank you so much Chris.