Warming Up Before The Weekend

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- Oh yeah, probably.

LAUREN WHITNEY: I remember my [INAUDIBLE] in elementary school. It was very loud. Maybe that's why I have hearing trouble.

Anyway, let's take a look at our satellite and radar. We do have just a little bit of rain in the northwestern corner of the state. The rest of us are on the dry side, and we're going to stay that way.

We're still dealing with severe weather on the East Coast. We had that outbreak in parts of Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi yesterday. That's shifted now more up into the Carolinas and the Virginia area. They're dealing with wet weather thanks to this area of low pressure and a cold front.

But for us, high pressure is back for the West, and we are looking at warmer and drier conditions. We got a little warmer today. We're going to get a little warmer tomorrow, more warm and sunny as we head into the weekend.

But some changes start to roll in on Sunday. In the afternoon, we do have a chance of rain here in Denver, snow in the high country, and then a chance for some snow in Denver on Sunday night and into Monday. Until then, we're going to stay dry, so I'm not going to show you the FutureCast.

But for our drought-monitor update today, this is some good news for us. You can see still not good, but we have seen some pretty big improvement in the last week. Our severe drought-- that's the kind of mustard color on your screen there-- down 16%. Our extreme drought is down 18%. That's the bright red. We really saw great improvement in the central mountain area.

Now, we will take a couple of weeks to see the full effect of our recent snowfall, but we had seen some good snow prior to this in the high country. So we've seen a little dent in the damage, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks we see even more improvement with that big, big snowstorm that we saw.

Temperatures right now are sitting at 40 in Denver, 37 in Akron, 50 out in Wray. So again, it's been fairly warm today in comparison to where we have been. We have been in the 30s since Saturday, so it's been a little bit chilly out here. We're in the 40s right now in Frisco, 52 in Avon, 59 in Grand Junction, and we have 44 degrees from our weather watcher Betty LaJeunesse in Erie for us this evening.

And downtown we are at 47 degrees with 40 out at DIA. And our almanac for today, we did get to 51 degrees here downtown but only 39 out at the airport. So a lot cooler out there today, and we were in the teens this morning. So we certainly saw a lot more melting here in the downtown area, and we're going to see a lot more of that tomorrow.

26 tonight in Denver and for Boulder. 20s out on the eastern plains. Teens, 20s in the high country. And checking in with our temperatures on Friday, 55 in Denver and Boulder. We're in the 50s and 60s for the eastern plains. So it'll be very warm out east. 55 in Boulder. 50s in the high country. So it's a really warm day in our mountains, and then we're in the 50s to the 70s on the western slope. Nice day in Grand Junction with 71 degrees.

And for our five-day forecast, we're in the 60s on Saturday, increasing clouds. Then we drop about 20 degrees on Sunday with that chance of afternoon rain, and then we'll also see the chance of snow Sunday night into Monday.

We may see some unsettled weather through about Wednesday night. Doesn't look like a big burst of snow coming our way, but we may see a couple of inches in those days and then much more heading for the high country.

- I'm excited for Saturday then. Thank you, Lauren.