Warner Bros. Reportedly Considering Completely Scrapping 'The Flash'

Warner Bros. Pictures may be considering canceling the release of The Flash after all. The media giant originally planned on releasing the film in 2023 despite widespread criticism and backlash from fans revolving around Ezra Miller's recent controversy and run-ins with the law, but reports now suggest that Warner Bros. is reconsidering its position following the actor's latest arrest for felony burglary in Vermont.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is now looking at three possible options for The Flash. The first would be for Miller to seek professional help alongside his family in Vermont, eventually giving an interview to explain his recent behavior before doing limited press for the film. In the case that he refuses professional help, option two would see Warner Bros. recasting his role in future DCEU projects and prevent Miller from doing any press at all for the film, although it'll still get a theatrical release.

The final option would be the worst-case scenario: if things escalate with Miller's situation, the studio may consider completely shelving the film, just like Batgirl. As reports indicate, Warner Bros. has already sunk $200 million USD into the project, so a decision to scrap it would be unprecedented in the industry.

Of course, the company has yet to announce any official decision for now, so fans of the DCEU should definitely stay tuned for more updates to come.

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