Warning From Colorado Parks & Wildlife To Watch Out For Rattlesnakes On Trails

With temperatures increasing and all the recent rain Colorado has had, rattlesnakes are coming out and looking for prey.

Video Transcript

- A warning for those who plan to be outside this weekend, watch out for rattlesnakes-- snakes becoming more active as they emerge from their dens. And all the rain we've had means a lot of vegetation for the rodents that the snakes like to prey on. They'll be busy. CBS 4 morning news anchor [? Dominic ?] [? Garcia ?] talked with a Parks and Wildlife expert on the threat to people.

JASON CLAY: Wear some sturdy hiking boots. Don't ever go in open-toes shoes or anything like that. Keep your earbuds out, so that way you can hear the presence of a rattlesnake. You know, not always, but most of the time, you can hear that distinctive rattle.

- CPW also says keep the dog on a leash so that they don't wander and encounter a snake.