A Warning For Lake Michigan Ice Walkers: Don't Do It

With bitterly cold temperatures in recent weeks comes a temptation: The belief that it's safe enough to take a stroll on the frozen lake.

Video Transcript

- --is going to feel pretty mild today compared to what we've been dealing with. But again, stay off of Lake Michigan. It's never safe to stroll on the lake, no matter how frozen it looks. CBS 2's Mugo Odigwe is live safely this morning along the lakefront with a warning. Mugo?

MUGO ODIGWE: Yes, we are safe out here. And right now if you look behind me you can see the lake is pretty much a white glaze of ice. Now parts of it, if you look closely, are starting to thaw, which is why walking on this is pretty much a disaster waiting to happen.

Here's why we're talking about this today. The Chicago Police Department's Marine Unit tweeted this yesterday, writing in caps "DO NOT DO THIS!" In that tweet, video of people on the lake yards from the shore.

Our Jim Williams spoke with a water safety expert who says the frozen water may appear solid, but some parts are fragile, especially as the temperature creeps up today. And even those who have no intention of walking on the ice should be careful as well, especially when you're close to the shore, because it's hard to tell where the beach ends and the lake begins.

Again, all of this is important because the temperature today is going to be warmer than it was yesterday. So don't be surprised if you see firefighters and police officers using a loudspeaker to order people off the lake. We're live by the lake front. Mugo Odigwe, CBS 2 News.