Warren blasts Goldman over Apple Card bias claims: report

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren slammed Goldman Sachs over its response to claims that the Apple Card is bias against women applying for it.

Goldman - which oversees the card - and Apple have been embroiled in controversy after an entrepreneur complained about the evaluation process on Twitter, saying it gave him 20 times the credit limit it gave his wife.

Answering to those accusations, Goldman said customers should request a second look at their credit limits.

But that answer wasn't sufficient for Warren who said to Bloomberg on Wednesday: "Yeah, great. So let's just tell every woman in America, 'You might have been discriminated against, on an unknown algorithm, it's on you to telephone Goldman Sachs and tell them to straighten it out."

The 2020 Democratic candidate added that it's the company's responsibility to come forward about how the algorithm was designed.

And, if they can't explain it, they "need to pull it down."