Warren County's COVID Cases Remain 'Very High:' See Town Updates

Russ Crespolini

WARREN COUNTY, NJ — The coronavirus continues to take a grim toll on Warren County, impacting local businesses and schools in the region, according to updated state data (see town-by-town results below).

The state Department of Health's most recent "COVID-19 Activity Level Report," which is issued weekly, says Warren County is in the “red zone” for coronavirus cases.

The “red zone” means the daily new COVID-19 virus case rate, per 100,000 people, rose to "very high" in all 21 counties. That means they exceed 25 cases per 1,000 people.

The latest reports say the overall coronavirus activity level also rose from "moderate," or “yellow,” to "high," or “orange,” in recent weeks in all 21 New Jersey counties.

With the rise to a "high" level, state officials said, school districts in those counties may have to take more serious steps — such as quarantining or even shutting down schools — if a child shows the symptoms of COVID-19.

"When it is high risk, there are some recommendations that we make together with local school boards," said Edward Lifshitz, medical director for the state Department of Health.

Indeed, a number of school districts have shifted to remote instruction as the numbers have risen.

The overall coronavirus risk rose to "high" in each of the counties because:

The new daily case rate in each of the counties rose to 10 or more per 100,000 people. The percent of COVID-19-like illnesses rose above 5.52 in each of the counties. The percent of positive cases rose above 10.01.

Warren County officials provided the following breakdown of cases by town followed by those who have recovered, as of Dec. 30:

Allamuchy, 125, 113
Alpha, 85, 81
Belvidere, 81, 74
Blairstown, 137, 109
Franklin, 85, 74
Frelinghuysen, 118, 94
Greenwich, 224, 208
Hackettstown, 450, 403
Hardwick, 31, 28
Harmony, 71, 62
Hope, 44, 39
Independence, 110, 99
Knowlton, 97, 87
Liberty, 59, 50
Lopatcong, 565, 481
Mansfield, 319, 290
Oxford, 51, 48
Phillipsburg, 498, 461
Pohatcong, 129, 112
Washington Borough, 225, 198
Washington Township, 184, 156
White, 127, 106
Total, 3,815, 3,373

In Warren County there are a total of 451 cases reported in long-term care facilities where they have been 170 deaths and 136 recovered.

Fluctuations in numbers from previous dates may be due to cases being transferred out of jurisdiction and/or further investigation revealing that the case was incorrectly reported to the NJDOH/local health department as confirmed.

The figures reflect COVID-19 positive cases as of the date and time indicated, some cases may be pending, or have yet to be entered into the system.

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This article originally appeared on the Hackettstown Patch