Warren: My Plan Will 'Take Power Away from the Wealthy'

Mary Margaret Olohan

2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren boasted of the “biggest anti-corruption plan since Watergate” ahead of a speech she is to deliver in New York City.

As the Massachusetts senator is expected to speak about corruption in Washington Square Park Monday night in New York City, Warren’s Senate office said she will be introducing an updated version of the ‘Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act,’ a bill “attempting to improve the anti-corruption and public integrity laws.”

“Today, I’m announcing a comprehensive set of far-reaching and aggressive proposals to root out corruption in Washington,” Warren wrote in a post to Medium.

“It’s the most sweeping set of anti-corruption reforms since Watergate,” she added. “The goal of these measures is straightforward: to take power away from the wealthy and the well-connected in Washington and put it back where it belongs — in the hands of the people.”

Warren’s plan includes banning lobbyists from participating in fundraising activities, banning members of Congress and high ranking government officials from for-profit boards, and instituting more disclosure requirements for “political intelligence” firms, according to Politico.

The plan also includes repeated references bashing President Donald Trump as an example of how Trump’s administration only benefits the wealthy.

“Our government works for the rich and powerful,” Warren says in a video shared on Twitter as the camera pans over a picture of President Trump.

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