How Warriors Founder Alexis Ren Makes Mentorship More Accessible to Women Amid the Pandemic

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The term “influencer” is “way past over,” according to model and entrepreneur Alexis Ren. “We’re becoming more like educators or impactors,” the social media star said in an interview with WrapWomen, during which she opened up about the importance of mentorship and how she’s using her new platform, Warriors, to empower women around the world through knowledge, wellness and spiritual guidance. “I knew around the age of 20 that I wanted to be a mentor,” Ren said, recalling an old note she had written in 2017 that read, “I want to help girls and I want to connect with them once a week.” Flash forward four years, and that’s exactly what she’s doing with Warriors. What started as a workout program during the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved into a female-focused mentorship platform. From group Zoom calls every Friday to different focus topics every month, the digital platform has attracted everyone from 15-year-old girls to 35-year-old mothers.

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