Warriors Welcome Fans Back To Chase Center

For the first time since the COVID-19 league shut down in March 2020, there will be fans back in the stands at the Chase Center in San Francisco. Kiet Do reports. (4/23/21)

Video Transcript

- Now on KPIX 5 and streaming on CBSN Bay Area, Dub nation fans, returning with restrictions. Now, the restaurants around Chase Center are also preparing for a comeback. Good afternoon. Alan Keyes.

- And I'm Michele Griego, taking a live look at Chase Center. We are just hours away from another big pandemic milestone. The stadium will host Warriors fans in person tonight for the first time in more than a year. KPIX 5's Kiet Do is live in San Francisco with more on this boost to local businesses. Kiet?

KIET DO: Yeah, it is a relatively little boost, but a boost nonetheless. And just like any other re-opening that we've seen here in the Bay Area, this one, too, will be slow and steady.

No, they are not flinging the floodgates wide open today, just cracking it open little by little. Capacity will be capped at 35%, about 6,300 fans, but the actual headcount will be more like 1,700. You must provide proof of a full vaccination or a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours of game time. Both the vaccination and a negative test is required to sit within 30 feet of the court. If you buy a ticket seven days ahead of time, you'll get a free at home test. David Goldenberg got the email from the team about in-person games today, but is not yet fully vaccinated.

DAVID GOLDENBERG: I don't know that I'd be comfortable two hours indoors, but I'm glad that it's going in that direction.

- There will be a touchless entry system using mobile ticketing on your phone, and once inside, fans will be physically spaced out, according to state guidelines. And you can order food on your phone as well.

If you had both doses, and you were two weeks out from that, would you be OK?

- Yeah, way more comfortable doing just about anything.

- As for the restaurants nearby Chase Center, most have been closed for months, and any reopening will be gradual.

LAURIE THOMAS: More bodies to the area is critical. It's kind of like-- it'll start the snowball effect of letting us to reopen more restaurants.

- Laurie Thomas is the executive director of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association and says, Warriors and Giants games give business owners a predictable schedule of foot traffic.

- The Warriors opening is a great example, right? We have a schedule. We can give a sense of the headcount, I'm sure, of who's going to be coming. We can do things with working with promotions to get more people into the area, and then you can start to budget for that, to plan how you're going to bring people back to work.

- So the game is practically sold out. We did see two tickets for $205. But if you really want to come, they got about a dozen or so ranging from $300 to $600. Tip off is 7:00 PM tonight. Go Warriors. Live in San Francisco, Kiet Do, KPIX 5.

- Yeah, Kiet, people might be wanting to pay that much. They haven't seen them in person for a while, right?

- Yeah, you know, good luck to those hard fans.

- Yeah, no kidding. Kiet, thanks.