Waseca man accused of pulling out knife during argument

Oct. 31—The Free Press

WASECA — A man reportedly brandished a knife toward a woman during an argument Sunday in Waseca.

John Orea Erickson, 41, of Waseca, faces felony assault and misdemeanor domestic assault charges in Waseca County District Court.

A criminal complaint states Erickson left home Friday and tried to return Sunday. He was reportedly told not to come inside the home if he had been drinking.

He allegedly tried to push his way past a woman while holding a foldable utility knife in his hand, with the woman telling police she was fearful.

Police arrived on the scene after the woman messaged a friend to call 911. The responding officers said they found the knife clipped in Erickson's pockets.

Another person inside the house reportedly confirmed Erickson was holding the knife during the incident. Police took Erickson into custody, according to the complaint, and he was compliant.

His initial appearance in court is scheduled for Nov. 14.

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