Washington Commanders reportedly called Chiefs about Patrick Mahomes’ availability

Rich Sugg/rsugg@kcstar.com

The Washington Commanders thought they’d found their quarterback for the near future when they traded for the Chiefs’ Alex Smith in 2018.

But Smith suffered a horrific injury during a game in his first season, and Washington has struggled to find a QB1.

The following year, the Commanders selected Dwayne Haskins with their first-round pick in 2019. Unfortunately, he was released before the end of the following season and Smith made the majority of starts after an inspirational return.

In 2021, Taylor Heinicke took the starting job after Ryan Fitzpatrick’s injury in the season opener, and had just an 85.9 quarterback rating.

Washington reportedly is looking for a new starting quarterback, and ESPN’s John Keim took a deep dive on the search.

There was one sentence that caught the eye of Chiefs fans. After detailing the struggles of the past four seasons, Keim wrote: “All of this is why, according to a source, Washington has reached out to every team to inquire about a quarterback’s availability and the cost. The team started its search with a list of 42 quarterbacks.”

Yes, all 31 teams were contacted, which means someone in Washington placed a call to the Chiefs to ask about Patrick Mahomes.

On Twitter, Chiefs fans (and others, including at least one Washington supporter) had a fun time trying to imagine that conversation. Here are some of the humorous tweets about that subject.