The Washington Post's Servers Were Hacked Again

The Washington Post's Servers Were Hacked Again
Sara Morrison

Servers at The Washington Post were hacked today, the newspaper announced, giving hackers access to employee user names and passwords. This is at least the third time in three years that this has happened to Jeff Bezos' latest purchase.

WaPo is not yet aware of the extent to which its data has been compromised, but says there's "no evidence" that subscriber information or employees' personal information (social security numbers, for instance) were accessed. Just the user names and passwords, which will soon be changed if they haven't already.

What there is evidence of, WaPo says, is that "Chinese hackers" were responsible, much like the attacks against the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News.

The most recent hack, WaPo said, originated in a "server used by the Post's foreign staff." It is believed that hackers only had access for a "relatively short" time -- "a few days at most."

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In February, WaPo announced that it was hacked by the Chinese in 2011. In August, the Syrian Electronic Army was able to redirect WaPo's website to an SEA site by hacking into Outbrain, a third party link referral service.


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