Washington state gov. warns of fourth COVID-19 wave

Gov. Jay Inslee on Thursday warned that Washington state was on the cusp of a fourth COVID-19 wave with case numbers and hospitalizations rising. (April 15)

Video Transcript

JAY INSLEE: Cases have grown to over 1,000 a day. That's up from 700 a day in February. Daily hospitalizations last month were in the 30s, now they're in the 40s. And these are all kinds of Washingtonians, not just those of age, but the younger folks are now becoming people who are now ending up in our hospitals across the state of Washington.

So unfortunately, there is a strong evidence of a fourth wave potentially developing in the state of Washington. We cannot, and we will not, wait till that wave engulfs us. We have to prevent this from taking over the state of Washington.

Because we acted as a state, we knocked down this virus three times. Now it's time to knock it down a fourth occasion.