Washington state sees high voter turnout

High voter turnout continues in Washington state. Election officials in the Seattle area are reporting a nearly 60% turnout so far. Of the state’s 39 counties, 17 saw returns of more than 50%. Four counties were at 60% or higher. (Oct. 28)

Video Transcript

KENDALL HODSON: Yeah, we are well on our way to 90% turnout. It continues to be really record-breaking turnout here in King County. At this point, we have about 850,000 ballots in the building, really coming up on 60% already turned. You can see these folks behind me. They typically are working at this point, but they are already doing 10-hour shifts to make sure we can get caught up with all of the extra volume we've been seeing.

So our goal is always to get as many results in that election night posting as possible. And they are working really fast on making sure we can do that.

AUDREY PATTERSON: Well, as a woman of color, I will never not vote. You know, I've had people that have fought for me to be able to vote as a woman, as a person of color. So regardless of the issues that are going on, I will always vote. My big topics were, for sure, the presidency. You know, like, I-- I'm not afraid to say that I'm not a Trump supporter, so I want to see him out of office.

DIANE KUO: I'm anxious, honestly. I feel like regardless which outcome happens, I feel like there will be a lot of unrest.