‘It wasn’t just leaning. It was hovering’: Couple concerned with neighbor’s tree

A north Charlotte couple was worried about safety issues when their neighbor’s tree fell and part of it was dangling over their backyard and shed.

The tree was caught in other trees and almost horizontal, just hanging above the ground.

“It was just hovering there,” Christian Skalnig told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke. “It wasn’t just like it was just leaning. It was hovering, so it was a safety issue.”

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A company owns his neighbor’s house, so Skalnig says he asked the business to cut the tree down. Skalnig says he followed up with the company but got nowhere. “We’re not going to get anywhere here,” he said.

Skalnig considered using his homeowners insurance to have the tree removed, but insurance typically covers damage, not preventing damage, so Skalnig and his wife felt stuck. “So, I figured I’d give it a chance and contact you,” Skalnig told Stoogenke.

Action 9 emailed the company that owns the property next door and less than 24 hours later, Skalnig says crews were in his yard taking the tree down. The company says it was already taking steps to remove the tree when we got involved.

“Absolutely untrue,” Skalnig said. “I don’t believe that. Not for a bit. My wife and I had a conversation this would never (have happened) … if (Action 9 wasn’t) involved in it.”

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If your neighbor’s tree is threatening your property, but hasn’t damaged anything yet, ask your neighbor to take care of it and do it in writing. Hopefully, they’ll address it, but if not and something bad happens, you’d have a stronger case in court.

Stoogenke says if you’re the one who owns the tree, you could be liable if you knew, or should have known, it was likely to cause harm and it does.

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