WATCH: 13 Precious Panda Cubs Make Their Public Debut at China's Chengdu Research Base

WATCH: 13 Precious Panda Cubs Make Their Public Debut at China's Chengdu Research Base

Prepare for panda-monium!

On Sept. 28, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in southwest China's Sichuan Province introduced 13 adorable panda cubs to the world.

The baker's dozen of black-and-white bears are among the 15 panda cubs born at the research base in 2022. The baby animals' public debut marks the first time all the cubs have gathered together, according to SWNS.

Out of the 15 pandas born at the Chengdu Research Base — a facility dedicated to panda conservation — in 2022, there are four sets of twins.

Footage from the baby animals' public debut shows the cubs crawling together and being held by their caretakers.

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baby panda
baby panda

Conservationists' efforts to save the giant panda from extinction have been fruitful.

In July 2021, Chinese officials announced that the number of giant pandas in the wild had surpassed 1,800. This increase in numbers prompted the Chinese government to change the giant panda's conservation status from endangered to vulnerable.

The Chinese government has created over 50 panda reserves to increase the giant panda population, per the World Wide Fund for Nature. Pandas also received extra protection with the passing of the Wildlife Protection Act, which went into law in 1989 and bans panda poaching.

China's panda diplomacy, where the country loans pandas to accredited zoos worldwide, has also played a role in conserving the giant panda species by raising awareness about the animals and leading to many successful panda cub births.