Watch: The 7 Most Expensive Indian Movies Of All Time

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It’s no secret that Indians have a special place in their hearts for movies, and making these movies can occasionally be a ridiculously costly affair, sometimes costing more than ₹500 crores.

It’s no surprise that Hindi movies make up a large part of the list of the most expensive Indian movies ever made, yet the most expensive movie, as of 2020, was not originally made in the Hindi language.

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Why are movies so expensive to produce?

The movie business is a money-making machine, earning hundreds of crores in a single year. In fact, in 2019, the Indian film industry earned ₹142 billion in revenue. The industry is even valued at ₹183+ billion, as of 2020.

And why wouldn’t it be? In 2018 alone, more than 2 billion people bought tickets to the cinema.

With a catalogue of languages and many regional film industries within India, capturing the cinema-goers’ attention is of the utmost importance for the makers of movies and they try to achieve that by making movies that have mass appeal – romance, action, adventure – these are the usual ingredients of a typical Indian movie.

With over the top special effects, mini-armies of extras, cast & staff and marketing, the costs of making a movie add up to be a lot.

Here’s a list of movies that put a lot of money on the line, though they didn’t always end up winning audiences’ hearts.

The pandemic has turned every aspect of our lives upside down – and the film industry is no exception. The cinema landscape is bound to change, with filmmakers looking at a future laden with challenges.

What that list shows us is that despite putting in a lot of money and glitz on screen, it isn’t guaranteed that audiences will lap it all up. At the end of the day, good film-making (and great marketing) comes out to be the winner.

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