Watch Your Back, Simone Biles: Alabama Dad Sticks the Landing in Goof-Off 'Balance Beam' Routine

A dad with no gymnastics experience showed off his goofy yet impressive athletic skills in a daring balance beam routine on a fence in Alabama on April 23. Lindsey Novay Cooper recorded the video of her dad and posted it to TikTok.

This is the third video Cooper has posted to TikTok of her father performing a balance beam routine. Cooper told Storyful her father has always done funny things to make her family laugh. Cooper’s father can be seen performing multiple stunts on the fence with aplomb, including a split jump, front scale, and cartwheel dismount.

Cooper explained her father has no previous gymnastics experience, he just hopped up onto the fence and started jumping.

“He has never been to a gymnastics competition, nor have I, his daughter, ever done gymnastics,” she said. “He really is the dad everyone would dream of having.” Credit: Lindsey Novay Cooper via Storyful

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