WATCH: Caleb Williams converts 4th and 3 for a 40 yard Touchdown Run

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This has been anything but the expectation for the Oklahoma Sooners. The Kansas Jayhawks came out and gave the Sooners everything they could handle in their Big 12 matchup.

The Jayhawks who haven’t won a conference game since 2019, made everything difficult for the Oklahoma Sooners who struggled through the first half and trailed 10-0 to the lowly Jayhawks.

After recovering a fumble with Kansas driving, Oklahoma got to the Kansas 45 yard line and faced a 4th and 3 and up just four. The Sooners attempted to draw the Jayhawks’ defensive front offside. When they didn’t bite, Oklahoma came back on fourth down and went for it.

Then Superman struck as Caleb Williams ran quarterback counter and Williams was off to the races.

The Jayhawks took it right down the field and scored on the ensuing drive, keeping this a one-score game. The Sooners were able to keep Kansas out of the endzone on the two-point conversion.

On the Sooners’ next drive, Williams came up with another great play, displaying heads-up awareness as he took the ball from Kennedy Brooks who was stopped on fourth and short. Williams took the ball and spun forward for the first down.

After a rough three and a half quarters, Sooner magic was on full display as Caleb Williams helped the Oklahoma Sooners find a way to score and extend drives.

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