Watch This Cat Who Misses Her Dad So Much She Constantly Monitors the Pet Camera To Listen for His Voice While He's at Work

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cat who misses dad staring at photos on wall
cat who misses dad staring at photos on wall

Courtesy of hoag2292 / TikTok

The bond between this daddy-daughter duo is downright darling. Introducing cat-dad Dan and his 2-year-old fluffy feline, Darla (who's a very smitten kitten).

Posted to TikTok on February 28 by hoag2292, the beautiful black kitten is seen hanging out on her cat perch to get "closer" to beloved Dan after she hears his familiar voice from across the room.

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But, there's a twist: Her dad is not actually in the room. You see, Dan recently took a job out of town. But distance only makes the heart grow fonder and Dan regularly checks on his favorite feline through a camera nestled in the corner of the room.

"Oh Darla!" he says in this TikTok video over the camera speaker. "Who's that?" Darla's mom says in a very excited voice, "Is that Daddy?" Cue Darla's perked kitty ears and the jingle of her collar as she takes off towards the camera.

"Hi baby. Hi! Yeah, I see you," he says when Darla reaches her perch. "I miss you, Darla," Dan says. "My sweet baby girl. I love you so much. I miss you, and I'll be home soon. OK?"

During the heartwarming video, Darla is seen laying on top of her post, one kitty paw hanging off the ledge, gazing up at the camera—her feline eyes glued toward every one of her dad's sweet words.

Honestly, the human-animal bond can be felt through the screen. So, it's no surprise that the footage has amassed 3.4 million views and almost 2,500 comments—the "winning" post according to hoag2292: "I need a man that can talk Darla to me."

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Dan's final words to his sweet Darla: "I'll always come home to you; I love you so much."

While cats typically don't wear their heart on their sleeve (paw?), according to this article, cats have been "underestimated" when it comes to the depth of their human attachments. Findings show that much like children and dogs, cats can indeed form secure bonds with their humans.

Obviously, Darla and Dan are the perfect example of just that. We can't wait to see more of this adorable twosome. Now excuse me, I need a tissue!