Video: Massive fireworks explosion sends neighborhood running for cover

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Fourth of July revelers went running for cover when a U-Haul truck full of fireworks exploded in a Toledo, Ohio neighborhood, video shows.

A woman sitting on the front porch of a home just yards away from the truck was recording the evening’s celebrations using Facebook Live, and captured the moment the cheerful atmosphere turned to chaos.

At least three people were injured when an unknown number of fireworks were suddenly ignited, shooting colorful rockets and debris at high speed in every direction, Toledo Fire & Rescue said.

In the video, about a dozen people gathered around the truck can be seen dashing to safety as the explosion starts.

On the porch, a woman kneels over her crying young girl, shielding her from incoming projectiles.

The woman is neighborhood resident Val McKee, and the girl is her daughter, she told WTOL. McKee said Sunday night was a terrifying experience for them both, but especially for her daughter.

The cause of the explosion is under investigation, Toledo fire officials said.

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