Watch chilling new footage of Capitol riot shown at Trump's trial

House Democrats serving as prosecutors in former President Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial presented never-before-seen video of the Jan. 6 attack taken from security cameras inside the Capitol.

Video Transcript

STACEY PLASKETT: What you are about to hear has not been made public before.

- Multiple Capitol injuries.

- Multiple Capitol injuries.

- 1318.

- Hey, 12 to 50, were coming around from the south side.

- Be advised, the speech has ended.

- Intel 1, be advised, you've got a group of about 50 charging up the hill on the west front just north of the stairs. They're approaching the wall now.

- They're starting to dismantle the reviewing stand. They're throwing metal poles at us.

- Cruiser 50, give me DSO up here now! DSO. Multiple law enforcement injuries, DSO, get up here.

- All right. We're 30 seconds out.

- We need some reinforcements up here now. They're starting to pull the gates down. They're throwing metals poles at us.

- Cruiser 50, DSO, get up here!

- OK, we're here. 12 to 50, we're here.

- We just had an explosion go on up here. I don't know if it's fireworks or what, but they're starting to throw explosives, fireworks material.

STACEY PLASKETT: During the siege, the Speaker's staff took cover in her office, hiding in fear for their lives for hours as rioters broke in and ransacked her office. As the rioters were breaking into the Capitol, her staff retreated into an interior room. Eight of them gathered in a conference room.

About the same time Capitol Police announced the Capitol had been breached, Speaker Pelosi's staff heeded the call to shelter in place. On our model, rioters you can see the riders in the rotunda in red and the speaker's office, again, in orange. So this is a security video so there is no sound.

As you can see here, the staff moves from their offices through the halls and then enters a door on the right hand side. That's the outer door of a conference room which also has an inner door that they barricaded with furniture. The staff then hid under a conference room table in that inner room.

This is the last staffer going in and then barricading themselves inside of the inner office.

After just seven minutes of them barricading themselves and the last staffer entering the door on the right, a group of rioters entered the hallway outside. And once inside, the rioters have free rein in the Speaker of the House's offices. In this security video, pay attention to the door that we saw those staffers leading into and going into.

One of the rioters, you can see, is throwing his body against the door three times until he breaks open that outer door. Luckily, when faced with the inner door, he moves on. Another rioter later tried, unsuccessfully, to break through that inner door.