Watch: Cleveland Clinic officer dances with chronically ill patient

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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Not every patient gets the chance to bust a move with Cleveland Clinic Corporal Eric Hudson, but not every patient is Michael Humphrey.

Michael, 33, has been a regular at Cleveland Clinic Children’s for years due to numerous health challenges related to his common variable immunodeficiency (CVD) diagnosis at 13.

“If anyone is sick, it’s easier for me to get sick,” Michael said.

His mother, Joanne Humphrey, said he has a rare condition called Kabuki Syndrome, which is categorized by multiple abnormalities including growth delays and short stature to name a few.

“It’s a one in 32,000 random de novo mutation,” she said. “With the syndrome carries a lot of autoimmune problems.”

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Those complications include liver failure in 2012, which required a transplant. Years later, he contracted Epstein-Barr virus which in rare cases lead to cancer. Michael’s case triggered lymphoma.

He started chemo infusions in August 2016 and finished treatment on Nov. 28, 2016.

The day after he rang the celebratory bell, his father suddenly passed away from a heart attack.

Then earlier this year, he had a near death experience due to post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD), affecting his kidneys and lungs, causing swelling and cardiac arrest.

“I died and then came back,” Michael said.

Every trip to the hospital is difficult, but the best kind of medicine comes from people like Cpl. Hudson.

“Hey, he partied with me,” Hudson said. “My man’s got that energy. He took the dance floor from me.”

“He not only cheered me up, but everyone else too,” Michael said.

Hudson said he takes personal pride in making others smile, especially patients.

“Let them enjoy the moment, give them everything,” Hudson said. “Give them everything you can. It creates memories, man. I love it.”

Joanne said everyone at Cleveland Clinic Children’s goes above and beyond for her son, including decorating his exam room for his 33rd birthday.

“It’s incredibly challenging, but the difference that’s being made is by the people we’ve gotten to know here and that we love,” she said. “They are our second family.”

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The clip of the two dancing has since gone viral on social media. It’s something that makes Michael proud as a former TV2 student at Kent State University.

He’s grateful for everyone who cares for him through his challenges and hopes everyone who sees this story keeps the dance party going, especially for people having a tough time.

“I really hope that more people here at the clinic are able to get that vibe of happiness and joyfulness to you, kids or patients that might need it most,” Michael said.

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