Watch: Cooler weather prevails this week

Cooler weather prevails this week - Eric Weglarz

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ERIC WEGLARZ: Thanks for clicking on I'm meteorologist Eric Weglarz. After a bit of a cloudy afternoon, we have seen some sun begin to break out and temperatures have responded nicely, especially across the central and northern half the state, where we have climbed into the middle and upper 50s.

You can see the clouds at times melting away here on satellite and radar. There is a steadier batch of rain to our south and west that we've been watching for the last day or so that'll try to work its way a little bit further towards the northeast into our direction. But this is a massive area of low pressure that's just spinning over the Great Lakes. And that will get stuck as we go into the workweek.

I wanted to talk about what's going on to our south. Obviously, you've heard about this volcanic explosion in St. Vincent. You look from satellite too of these puffs of white. Those are individual explosions from the volcano itself and the ash and a lot of debris and dust being spread from this moving east deeper into the Atlantic. So really cool we can see that on satellite to our south and east.

So cooler air will continue to build for the next couple of days. You'll see a little bit of sunshine each day going forward, but I think we have several chances for heavier rain, especially towards the second half of the upcoming workweek. So this is first thing this evening.

The clouds will continue to thicken up from the south and the west here. And we will find some rain showers begin to spread in from the south as we go into early tomorrow morning. I think the best chance for at least steady rain will be in and south west of Manchester into the Monadnock region. And this whole batch begins to fall apart as we go through the afternoon on Monday.

There will be some sunshine on Monday, especially towards the North. And a few of these rain showers could linger across southwestern New Hampshire as we go into late Monday. Early Tuesday will feature more in the way of cloud cover as well and a few scattered light rain showers possible as well.

So in terms of how much the rain adds up as we go into Monday evening for the Monday morning, maybe a tenth of an inch or a little bit more in the shade of green. Again, it's mainly in southwestern New Hampshire, I think, at least accumulating potential for rainfall is expected going forward here.

So for tonight, we're down into the upper 30s and lower 40s, a little bit of a break in the cloud cover initially, but I think it's a mostly cloudy night. And for tomorrow, clouds early. I think we'll find some improvement as we go into the afternoon. So even though it starts off great, I do think we'll find a decent brightening trend, especially north as we go into the afternoon.

We will cool down into the middle and upper 50s through Tuesday, but there is a brief warming trend Wednesday and Thursday. And then our attention turns to late Thursday until early Friday morning. There is an area of low pressure that will form to our south. And look what begins to spread here, steadier rain and even potentially some mountain snow showers as well in the Monadnock region.

Best chance for steadiest rain will be south of [INAUDIBLE] at least at this point. But there's a lot of uncertainty in this forecast going forward. So what you see now will inevitably change a little bit going forward here in terms of both cloud cover we see and how warm the temperatures get the next couple of days.

I think it's a mostly cloudy stretch through Wednesday. Temperatures, though, will continue to climb into the lower 60s. I think we'll have a decent amount of sunshine to start on Thursday. And then this system arrives on Friday. Right now we'll call it at highs in the lower 50s, but it's possible that we struggle to escape the middle 40s. So we'll watch that closely here over the next couple of days.

And although it is warm for the end of next week and into the weekend, I do think we'll find more rain possible as we go into the end of next weekend. So even though it's not the brightest stretch, we do need the rain and we will get this gradually over the next seven days.