Watch: Deputy rescues two children, mother from wreck after motorcyclist whizzed by

A video captured the moment a Florida deputy serendipitously arrived at a crash scene moments after the high-speed collision and saved two small children.

The Feb. 8 crash happened around 7:30 p.m. after a deputy saw a motorcycle speed by him at approximately 100 mph, the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office said in a Friday news release.

Officers believe the motorcyclist collided with a car carrying a woman and two children at an intersection when he saw a cloud of dust and smoke ahead of him on a road in Englewood, on Florida's west coast.

A bystander rushing to help a Charlotte County deputy by holding a toddler, one of two small children saved from the wreckage of a collision with a motorcyclist.
A bystander rushing to help a Charlotte County deputy by holding a toddler, one of two small children saved from the wreckage of a collision with a motorcyclist.

Charlotte County Deputy Sgt. Dave Musgrove, whose body camera captured the harrowing next moments, was the only officer on scene to help the family, the release stated.

“The actions of Sgt. Musgrove are to be commended," said Sheriff Bill Prummell in the release. "His poise and calm demeanor in a scene of chaos and tragedy ultimately saved the life of a beautiful child. I want to thank the bystanders who came to his aid as well, allowing him to focus on the immediate need of the baby."

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Video shows motorcycle in pieces, deputy pull crying toddler out of car

As a warning to viewers, the video contains content that may be disturbing to some.

In the video, a motorcycle can be seen weaving between traffic at a high speed after passing the deputy on the left. Then, the dash camera shows the bike in mere pieces as the deputy arrived at the scene of the collision.

As Musgrove approaches the car, the mother can be heard wailing "my baby!" and a child's scream comes from the back seat.

He opens the back passenger's door, and helps coax out a crying toddler.

"Come here, come here sweetheart," Musgrove can be heard saying in the background.

He uses a flashlight to flag down a passing car, pleading with the bystander to help him and passes off the child to him. Then he runs back to assist the mother.

According to the release, the deputy realized the deceased motorcyclist was covering the car seat holding the infant. The baby had no pulse and was not breathing.

Musgrove enlisted bystanders help remove the car seat. He performed CPR on the infant, who soon took a long breath. EMTs arrived shortly after and they had detected a pulse, the release states.

Deputy moved dead biker off baby; mother and kids survive

Musgrove had to move the deceased motorist, who was wedged in the rear window of the driver's side, to locate the unconscious baby, officials said.

The mother was identified as Kayleigh Foley in an interview with local NBC affiliate WBBH.

She said the baby, 6 months old, was in the intensive care unit with a brain injury after the accident and Musgrove has called every day to check in, according to WBBH.

"We will never repay him for what he did. What he did for us was life-changing," she told the outlet.

Foley and the other daughter, 3, who was pulled from the car are recovering well, WBBH reported.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Video: Deputy saves mother, 2 kids from crash in Englewood, Florida