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Send Tissues! This Exclusive Look at Bindi Irwin's Baby Shower Has Us in Tears

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From the moment Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell used a bitty-little zoo uniform to announce they were expecting a baby, we've been brimming with joy for the new family. While public details were sparse throughout her pregnancy, Bindi is revealing everything in a one-hour special premiering on Discovery+ on April 25. Crikey! It's a Baby will feature interviews with the new parents, Bindi's mom Terri, and brother Robert, as they prepare for the birth of Grace Warrior Irwin Powell.

In this exclusive clip, you'll see Bindi's friends and family surprise her with a baby shower at Australia Zoo - the same location where Bindi and Chandler tied the knot in 2020. Just make sure to have tissues nearby, as Terri shares throwback footage of the day she and her late husband, Steve Irwin, welcomed Bindi to the world.

Video Transcript



- Surprise! You're pregnant!

TERRI IRWIN: Happy baby shower, Bindi.

BINDI IRWIN: Oh my word!


Today my beautiful, amazing, wonderful mom has set up a baby shower for me and Chandler as well.

TERRI IRWIN: So our problem is getting half the family here. So we're going to do a video call. How awesome that at least we can have them dial in. It's going to be crazy and fun. And hopefully, Bindi's going to feel really special.

BINDI IRWIN: It's almost like it's making up for the madness that surrounded our wedding. You know, no one could be there. I'm really, really happy.

I love that dad gets to be a part of it.


STEVE IRWIN: The obstetrician he goes, here it comes. OK, Steve, grab the head. Here's my daughter's head.

- Aw.

STEVE IRWIN: It's a little girl. And it was then that her name evolved. I've gone, Bindi!

TERRI IRWIN: Bindi Sue, you'll have to run a zoo in a few years.


Oh, I know. I'd be upset too. It's a huge responsibility.

STEVE IRWIN: You know, I was just wishing for a girl, and I got one. [INAUDIBLE]