Watch the First Episode of ‘The Afterparty’ Online for Free

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On Friday the new Apple TV+ comedy series “The Afterparty” debuted with its first three episodes, but if you’re not an Apple TV+ subscriber you can still watch the 50-minute-long first episode online for free right now.

The original series hails from creator Christopher Miller and is a unique twist on the murder mystery genre. The show takes place at the afterparty of a high school reunion where the host, a former nerd turned successful pop star named Xander (Dave Franco), is murdered. Tiffany Haddish plays the detective who arrives on the scene, and as she interviews each party attendee to get their version of the story, the show takes on a new genre.

The first episode is told from Aniq’s (Sam Richardson) point of view and is presented in the cinematic style of a romantic comedy; the second episode is told from hothead Brett’s (Ike Barinholtz) point of view and is a “Fast & Furious”-like action thriller; and the third episode is told from musically inclined Yasper’s (Ben Schwartz) perspective and is a full-on musical.

Miller directed all eight episodes of the first season and executive produced the series alongside his longtime partner Phil Lord, with whom he brought us such cinematic treasures as the “Jump Street” movies and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” Just like their work on the big screen, “The Afterparty” is delightful, surprising and emotional in equal measure.

While you’ll need a subscription to Apple TV+ to finish the season, you can watch the entire first episode for free online, right now, in the player above.

New episodes of “The Afterparty” will roll out every Friday. The cast also includes Zoē Chao, Ilana Glazer, John Early and Jamie Demetriou.

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