WATCH: Gov. Ron DeSantis Threatens To Divert Vaccines From Critics Of Distribution Plan

At a news conference in West Central Florida Wednesday morning, the governor was asked about criticism over the state setting up an exclusive vaccination site for well-off neighborhoods in Manatee County.

Video Transcript

RON DESANTIS: So anyone that's saying that, let us know. If you want us to send it to Sarasota next time or Charlotte or Pasco or wherever, let us know. We're happy to do it. But I think most people, if we have an opportunity to bring vaccines and do it efficiently, I think that they're going to want it.

And so, you know, there's going to be folks that are going to complain about getting more vaccines. You know, I'll tell you what. I mean, I wouldn't be complaining. I'd be thankful that we're able to do it. Because you know what? We didn't need to do this at all. We saw a need. We want to get the numbers up for seniors. And so the logical thing was, let's go to where there's a high concentration of seniors.

--senior communities, but we're going to continue to do stuff in Manatee. If they do not want more vaccine here, just let us know, and we will make sure that it goes. Because there's a lot of people that want the vaccine. And I can tell you, our reason for doing these pods in these three counties was because the 65 and plus population percentage who had had shots was lower--