Watch: Heavy rain, storms overnight

Meteorologist Mike Haddad says storms will be followed by cooler weather.

Video Transcript

- Thank you very much for joining us. Storm Watch 9 weather on the web. Here we are moving through another week, this one starting off very toasty and ending up much more comfortable by the end of the week. Rain and storms this evening move out. But a flash flood concern still there through the evening hours, especially south and west of Concord, and more specifically in the Monadnock region north of Keene. Could see an afternoon shower or thunderstorm on Wednesday as a cold front moves in. Still quite warm ahead of that front. Near 90 south away from the coast. Low 80s north. And again, dry and much cooler as we go into Thursday and on Friday.

Overnight tonight, near 62 or 63 north. Upper 60s near 70 on south. Showers and storms through the evening, and then just a lingering spotty shower during the overnight stretch. You'll notice how that all pans out on Futurecast, at least temporarily into early on Wednesday mainly rain-free. But cold front builds in during the afternoon. That could trigger a shower or thunderstorm. Brief shower north mid or late morning through about lunchtime. And then during the afternoon, very early evening, central and especially southern parts of the state. Once that front clears, winds turn around to the northwest. And we're going to see a refreshing change by Thursday with sun, temperatures in the 70s to low 80s, and the dew points much lower. So much more pleasant.

Highs tomorrow near 81 or 82 far north to about 90 south. Will be a bit cooler with an onshore breeze developing right along the coastline. Beyond that for Thursday, bright sunshine, pleasantly cooler. Not chilly. It'll be near 80. But, again, the humidity much lower. Clouds, partial sun Friday and Saturday. There could be a brief shower each day, but many rain-free hours. Partly sunny on Sunday. Breaks and maybe a few showers or thunderstorms scattered about on Monday.