Watch a homeless man shut down anti-vaxxers with a real zinger

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Homeless battled clueless on the streets of Los Angeles, where for one shining moment, a guy with no cash silenced a lady with no sense. As of Tuesday, a GoFund Me page set up in his name had brought in more than $32,000.

Video posted by social media user @FilmThePoliceLA last week shows what’s described as “anti-vaxx” protesters led by a woman with a megaphone wandering down Hollywood Boulevard.

“Do you see all of these homeless people around,” the ringleader asks everyone in earshot. “Are they dead in the street with COVID? Hell no. Why?”

A reportedly homeless man then appears out of nowhere to answer the protester: “Because I’m vaccinated you dumb f—k!”

You can see the exchange here: (Warning, video contains graphic language).

He continues on his way, but not before momentarily stumping the loudmouth with the bullhorn.

It’s unclear whether the protest’s ringleader is anti-vaccination, opposed to vaccine mandates, skeptical about the existence of COVID-19 or otherwise impaired. Signs at the demonstration appear to largely express opposition to mandates.

After gathering herself, the protest boss continues ranting about “biohazard bins” for masks and asks, without irony, “Is anyone questioning anything? Wake up!”

The speaker then suggests those around her are frightened before confessing “I’m scared too.”

A documentarian with @FilmThePoliceLA found the man who’d eloquently explained to protesters that vaccinations save lives. He was identified as Ray and said he’s from Denver, but has been in L.A. for seven years.