Watch: Jenni Hermoso filmed reacting to Luis Rubiales kiss

rubiales kiss
Mr Rubiales has said the kiss was consensual
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Spain’s women’s football team laughed and chanted “kiss” on the bus home from their World Cup win after Luis Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso on the mouth, according to video footage.

The jubilant players, high off their triumph over England’s Lionesses, can be seen drinking champagne on the team bus and looking at social media memes of the kiss on Ms Hermoso’s phone.

Ms Hermoso is seen explaining to teammates how Mr Rubiales “all excited, came to me and grabbed me like this”, demonstrating with her hands how he held her head for the kiss which has sparked fury in Spain and led to calls for him to resign.

Members of the team then start chanting “beso”, meaning kiss, and later “presi”, short for president, when Mr Rubiales himself walks along the aisle of the coach, saying he feels “embarrassed”.

It was unclear if Mr Rubiales was referring to the kiss.

Another video taken in the dressing room after the final showed Ms Hermoso saying she had disliked Mr Rubiales’ kissing her.

In her only official statement on the matter, Ms Hermoso denied that she had consented to the kiss and said that her initial reaction to the incident was one of “shock due to the context of a celebration”.

In the newly-released footage, a smiling Hermoso shows her teammates a social media meme comparing Mr Rubiales’ kiss to the moment Spain’s male team won the 2010 World Cup and goalkeeper Iker Casillas kissed his then-partner Sara Carbonero as she interviewed him for Spanish television.

According to El Español news website, Mr Rubiales has sent a copy of the video to Fifa as part of his defence after the international football organisation suspended him from his duties while it investigates his behaviour in the aftermath of the Sydney final.

Mr Rubiales said last Friday that the kiss had been consensual as he had asked Ms Hermoso if she agreed to “a peck” before kissing her on the mouth during the medal ceremony.

rubiales kiss
Mr Rubiales has said the kiss was consensual

In her statement on Friday, Ms Hermoso wrote: “With time and after delving deeper into my initial feelings, I feel the need to denounce this act because nobody in any working, sporting or social environment should be the victim of this kind of unconsented behaviour.

“I felt vulnerable and the victim of an assault, an impulsive sexist act that was out of place and without any kind of consent on my part.”

Regional chiefs within Spain’s RFEF football association have demanded Mr Rubiales resign and the association’s interim leadership has suspended his pay.

Members of Spain’s government have also said Mr Rubiales should stand down, but he has so far refused to do so.

Supporters condemn ‘witch-hunt’

Mr Rubiales does retain some support, however, including from his mother, who is holed up in a church in the family’s hometown of Motril and has started a hunger strike over his treatment.

Ángeles Béjar, Mr Rubiales’s mother, is on her third day of a hunger strike in Granada.

The 72-year-old retired hairdresser has said she will maintain her vigil inside Motril’s Divina Pastora church until her son receives “justice” and Ms Hermoso “tells the truth” about the kiss.

Ms Béjar told reporters on Tuesday that Mr Rubiales had asked her to stop her hunger strike. “He wants me to give up,” she said. “He’s worried. But I am not going to pay any attention to him.”

On Wednesday, Spain’s far-Right Vox party posted a statement in which it blamed Spain’s Left-wing government and the media for what it called a “witch-hunt” against Mr Rubiales.

“With common sense, it’s possible to tell apart tasteless or rude behaviour from a crime,” said the party that came third with 12 per cent of the vote in last month’s general election in Spain.

The Vox statement cited Mr Rubiales’ claim that “false feminism” was behind the accusations against the football chief.

A feminist student organisation called Libres y Combativas (Free and Combative) has announced demonstrations in cities across Spain this week, demanding the ejection of Mr Rubiales from his post.

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