Watch Jordana Brewster (And Her Crazy Fierce Abs) Slay This Goofy IG Video

  • Jordana Brewster just gave her fans a goofy fashion by way of Instagram.

  • The 43-year-old actress showed off some new outfits—including a white two-piece 'fit—while busting out dance moves. And whoa, her abs are crazy toned!

  • To stay as fit as she is, Jordana makes sure to stay consistent with her workouts—even on holidays like Thanksgiving!

Jordana Brewster knows what the people want, and she delivered with an adorable bedroom fashion show. The actress showed off some new outfits while busting out goofy dance moves (finger guns for the win) and model-esque poses. The whole thing was set to Backstreet Boys—and it was truly perfection.

The 43-year-old Fast and Furious star looked fashionable and strong as she strutted her stuff on Instagram. She started the video in a white two-piece that showed off her totally strong core and then moved into a black gown that looked perfect for wedding season.

“Underwhelming fashion show,” Jordana captioned the video, which was a big hit with her followers. “Absolutely a Queen 🙌🏻” wrote one fan; while another added: “Slayyyyyyy❤️🔥😫.” And I can confirm: This is a total slay.

Besides looking beautiful and happy in the video, Jordana looked seriously toned. And if you’re hoping to get the inside scoop on what the 43-year-old actress does to stay fit, Women’s Health has answers!

For starters, in 2021, she shared she starts the day strong with what she calls a "PJ workout," and honestly, I may have to get on board. In the Facebook video, Jordana lifts weights, does crunches, side plank dips, and more...all while in the comfort of her pajamas. Sound pretty perfect to me, and it definitely worked to help tone her core, which looks super strong in her most recent vid!

I mean, our girl takes her fitness seriously. Check out all her compound moves in this vid:

Jordana also likes to incorporate her friends into her routine, too, like with this tennis match:

Apparently, fitness runs in the family. In a 2009 interview with Women's Health, Jordana praised her mom for being a good fitness role model. "My mom was in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue [in 1978], and she's a total gym rat," she said.

Another important secret to her fitness success is that Jordana stays consistent and hits the gym on the reg, even on Thanksgiving. In a 2022 video, she shared a clip of herself crushing a weighted workout: She does rows with a set of dumbbells, works with TRX bands, and gets her heart rate up with high knees. She ends the video by kissing her bicep, which probably doesn’t do much for the toning, but is truly adorable.

Jordana hasn’t shared too much about her diet in recent years, but in 2015 she broke down some of her wellness secrets in an interview with The Cut. She told the magazine she starts her day at 5:30 a.m. with meditation before enjoying egg whites on Ezekiel bread with vegetables.

Jordana isn’t all work and no play, though; she does love her chocolate pizza. “There’s this thing called chocolate pizza in L.A., which is like the worst thing ever, but it’s so delicious. It’s warm and cold. It’s literally pizza crust that’s warm and ice cream and chocolate on top,” she shared with the mag.

Now I’m definitely going to have to try that!

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