Watch Kevin Garnett Work Out With Blake Griffin After Clippers Practice

Watch Kevin Garnett Work Out With Blake Griffin After Clippers Practice

Kevin Garnett is officially retired, but it’s clear he won’t stay away from basketball for long. And let’s be honest: none of us expected KG to stay away from the game, even though his playing career is over.

The NBA legend, who retired on September 23, hasn’t left basketball forever. He’s already got an open invitation to become an assistant coach for LeBron James and the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers, which he’s reportedly still mulling over and heavily considering. On Thursday, however, Garnett was back on the court working out with Blake Griffin and a few of the Los Angeles Clippers’ rookies.

Garnett worked with Griffin in the post for a bit, allowing Blake to get free and hit a few lay-ups in the casual workout session.

There isn’t much to say about this: Garnett hasn’t been away long enough to expect him to be, you know, unable to hoop anymore. He can still touch the rim. He can battle a bit in the paint. Hell, the dude seriously considered playing for the Timberwolves this year. I’m sure he can still intimidate someone and permanently alter their career. You know, classic KG stuff.

I’m mostly just happy to see him on a basketball court doing basketball things, because I’m not ready to associate him with retired life. Maybe if he stays around rookies long enough he’ll have second thoughts and sign with someone. After all, with him anything is possible.