Watch Kyle Richards' HILARIOUS reaction to Carmen Electra saying she wants to scissor her

Wait, Carmen Electra wants to do WHAT with Kyle Richards?
Wait, Carmen Electra wants to do WHAT with Kyle Richards?
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If you have Carmen Electra introducing herself to you by admitting she'd like to engage in something sexual with you, you know you're doing something right in life.

That's exactly what happened to fan-favorite Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards during the pre-show red carpet at the 2024 People's Choice Awards, and we are living for this interaction.

Extra correspondent Melvin Robert was in the middle of an interview with Richards and her sister, Kathy Hilton, when Electra came over to say hello and Richards admitted she'd never had the chance to meet her before, although she's always "loved" her because "she's so beautiful."

When Robert asked Electra if she was a fan of the show, she admitted she "doesn't miss a show" and that she would also scissor Richards, seemingly in reference to Richards giving Dorit Kemsley a personal demonstration of the position in a recent episode.

Not only was Electra saying that gold all on its own, a few things happened that made this interaction even better.

The first was Robert asking, "What is that?" as if... he didn't know what scissoring was. We could be wrong about that, but...

The second was Hilton innocently commenting, "You know what? You need a haircut," as though genuinely oblivious to what Electra was talking about or simply trying to change the topic of conversation to something more appropriate.

Electra didn't pick up on the hint and added on that she'd love to stay in Richards' room when the girls do their trips, because they would "just be having fun," to which Hilton commented again that Richards just "needs a little trim."

Everything about this honestly just brings us so much joy.

Firstly, it's great to see Richards and Hilton interacting with each other publicly again, especially after their massive blowout at the end of RHOBH season 12.

Secondly, we love the storyline Electra just created for us, and we are fan-casting her for a diamond in Season 14. Richards' sexuality has been the subject of rumors for a minute now, so we'd love to see it get some more exploration.

In the meantime, catch the season 13 finale of RHOBH on Bravo on February 21, available to stream on Peacock the next day.