Watch: Mainly dry stretch continues

Meteorologist Mike Haddad has a look at the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

- Thank you very much for joining us-- Storm Watch 9 Weather on the web. Here we are moving towards another weekend. And this one certainly will start off dry, not a guarantee it finishes that way, as the dry weather rolls on, not only into Thursday and Friday, but into Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday morning. The next chance, not a guarantee, but a chance of some steady rain comes in here Sunday afternoon into very early on Monday morning. We'll have much more on those chances as we get a bit closer to it.

For tonight, partly cloudy skies, 30s and 40s, from North to South, on average. It's a cooler flow right along the coast over the next few days, just like today. And that's all due to that springtime phenomenon we call the sea breeze. All the while it's happening, storm-free system well offshore, moving away, another one well to our west lifting to our north and west. We have to wait until Sunday, especially later on, to get in on a chance of some steady rain, mostly in southern parts of the state.

A little bit warmer to our south and west-- as a matter of fact, much warmer in some spots, over 80. We do not get that warm, but temperatures will inch a little bit higher, especially Friday, on into Saturday. For tomorrow, very close to where we were today-- mid-upper 50s at the coast and lower to mid-60s for many, a few upper 60s in western parts of the state; a couple of degrees higher, on average, during the day on Friday; by Saturday, upper 60s to around 70 inland, near 60 at the coast. Then it does cool down a little bit from Sunday through the middle of next week, with the best chance of rain later Sunday into early Monday, possibly a few more showers Tuesday night into Wednesday.