Watch a man attack a Tesla in Florida. The smart car saw all, its safety video shows

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An enraged man was caught damaging a Tesla in Florida, and it was all caught clearly on video. But not from a cellphone.

The highly coveted smart car, a Tesla Model 3, was in “sentry mode,” meaning its safety camera was able to capture the incident.

“Sentry Mode adds a unique layer of protection to Tesla vehicles by continuously monitoring the environment around a car when it’s left unattended,” says the car company co-founded by Elon Musk. “When enabled, Sentry Mode enters a ‘Standby’ state, like many home alarm systems, which uses the car’s external cameras to detect potential threats.”

The video footage was tweeted this week by Wham Baam Teslacam, which documents Tesla owners’ run-ins that have been caught on camera. If damage is done to a car, such as a break-in or crash, owners can download a video recording of an incident.

You can see a Volkswagen drive up next to the high-tech vehicle. As its door opens, it dings the Tesla, which can cost up to about $56,000.

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In the next part of the clip, an angry looking bespectacled man leans out from the front seat of the VW and smashes the Tesla’s side with an object, hard, twice. Then his car reverses and pulls out of sight.

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According to the post, the Tesla owner came back and saw the damage to her car. After reviewing the footage, she contacted the Altamonte Springs Police Department.

Many commenters were appalled.

“Wow,” wrote one. “I have never understood how someone can intentionally damage someone’s personal property like that and continue to live with themselves. Awful.”

A spokeswoman for the Altamonte Springs police told the Miami Herald that the department was still looking into the incident that occurred July 4.

According to an offense report, the Tesla’s owner said she parked her car in a lot at around 8 a.m. July 4. When she returned around 4 p.m., she saw the damage along her passenger side door.

The footage from the sentry camera was reviewed but the man’s tag was not captured.

“The video has a clear picture of the subject,” acording to the report. “The [victim] does not recognize the guy and has no idea why he would cause damage to her car.”

If found, the man could likely face a vandalism charge, according to Florida law, and possibly face jail time.

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