WATCH: Man rips shirt off to strangle opponent, gets punched and kicked in retaliation

Coconuts Singapore

A rather violent video starring two belligerent brawlers in a casino has been making the rounds online recently. Surfacing on the 50 Shades Blacker (Singapore) Facebook page, the 30-second clip showed the pair seemingly having a casual chat… until the uncle rips off his tee in one Hulk-like swoop worthy of WWE, revealing his tattooed bod. Yeah, he may be an older dude, but you don’t piss him off and get to walk away.

Aiming straight for the jugular, he grabs the other man by the throat, or at least attempts to. Because the Fully Clothed Man immediately went on the offensive and ferociously whacks the initial attacker till he falls to the ground. If another individual didn’t hold him back, he might not have stopped there.

Sadly, aside from one or two who tried to stop the assault, most onlookers seemed content to watch from the sidelines with their camera phones. Some even chimed in with a chorus of ‘ohhh!’ for each blow, as if they were watching a scripted wrestling match instead of a real-life fight.

Unfortunately for the older guy, he got back up and again attracted the attention of the seemingly pro fighter, who delivered an aggressive Sweet Chin Music (wrestling move made famous by WWE star Shawn Michaels) and another final punch to the already-disoriented man.

That’s where the vid ended, although Must Share News did a little online sleuthing and found the original post dated Jan 8 this year.

Based on the casino design, it’s probably unlikely this even happened in Singapore, but since it went viral across the country yesterday, it seems people here love a good fight.

Watch the clip here or sit through the full vid below, but be warned, it’s only for those who have the stomach for brutality.

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