Watch Megan Fox Do Fiancé Machine Gun Kelly's Makeup in Must-See Video

Megan Fox just gave her wild boy a new look.

The Jennifer's Body actress and her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly's assistant Olivia Stone gave the rapper a glam makeover—and he streamed the entire process on Instagram Live for thousands of fans to see.

During the Oct. 3 video, MGK, 32, asked Megan, 36, to give him a look inspired by singer Doja Cat, the movie Avatar and the year 3050. However, his fiancée chose to go in a different direction and gave him an "Egyptian eye" instead.

"This lid is f--king wild. This s--t looking f--king crazy," he complained, while speaking about the eyelid makeup. "It looks like Towelie in South Park after he does a whippet."

MGK—who shares daughter Casie, 13, with ex Emma Cannon—then addressed people in the comments who took an issue with his makeup look.

"I'm really not tryna hear nothing from some insecure internet dudes, homie," he said. "I'm really not tryna hear none of that. I'm raised around a bunch of strong, powerful women. Even when my daughter wants to do this with me, it's open season. I'm beautiful and you're angry and insecure and incompetent."

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly: Romance Rewind

The Good Mourning star added, "And also—and I say this with eyeliner on—I will beat your motherf--king ass."

While the "Emo Girl" rapper went along with most of his makeover, there was one thing that he was not willing to wear—false lashes.

Once Megan said, "We gotta put the lashes on," MGK protested, saying, "Oh hell no! Nope. That is where I draw the line. We're not doing eyelashes."

However, the Transformers actress and Olivia managed to get the lashes on the rocker, who said it was "f--king hilarious" while looking at himself in the camera.

Though MGK had uncertainties about getting glammed up, in the end, he loved his makeover—noting it touched on his inspirations, after all.

"This is a vibe. This looks like Avatar," he said. "I don't even know what the f--k you did but, yes, this is great."