Watch: Mild day with cooler temperatures along coast

Meteorologist Kevin Skarupa has a look at the latest forecast.

Video Transcript

KEVIN SKARUPA: A lot of sunshine around for the afternoon with temperatures in most cases into the 60s. The exception-- the shoreline, with the sea breeze during the afternoon, not back into the 50s, and out in Western New Hampshire, the chance of one or two spots reaching 70 degrees this afternoon. And I think a couple of additional locations do that tomorrow, and maybe a few more added on to that for the day on Saturday. But a lot of 60s on the maps here for the next three afternoons, and partly to mostly sunny skies with a light breeze for each of those afternoons, as well.

We get later into Saturday night and into Sunday, and that's when things start to change. It's a very slow moving pattern, so we're benefiting from that for the time being, but we do need rainfall. And it looks like a slower movement pattern will eventually be replaced with an area of low pressure early next week. Does look like we'll have at least some shower activity around on Sunday, and I think there'll be a couple of other areas of low pressure nearby that could kick off some shower activity. At some point between Monday and Wednesday, highs all of those days, are going to likely be kept down into the 50s after some milder weather here to wrap up the week. Temperatures ranging in the 60s this afternoon, 50s at the coastline, and 60s going forward through Saturday. Some cooler air next week, a lot more clouds and some hit or miss showers.