Watch the Mysterious Powerball Winner Caught on Camera Finding Out He Won

Watch the Mysterious Powerball Winner Caught on Camera Finding Out He Won

The Arizona winner of the $588 million Powerball jackpot is yet to be identified, but security camera footage may have captured him on the other side of the country — and captured the exact moment that he discovered he was millionaire. Witnesses at a gas station in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, say an unidentified man came into their store the day after the drawing, and absentmindedly pulled a fistful of lottery tickets out of his pants pocket, using the store's scanning machine to see if any of them were winners. There's no audio, but an excited fist pump seen on the store surveillance camera tells the whole story.

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As you can see, the man then began showing the ticket to everyone in store to verify that he wasn't crazy, before bolting out the door with a $130 million piece of paper in his hand. Another customer who saw the ticket says it was marked as being purchased in Arizona, which is where lottery officials say the second winning ticket came from. No one knows who he is, how he ended up in Maryland, or why he carried his lotto tickets to other side of the continent, but if it's really him we'll hopefully find out soon.

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The other winners, a nice older couple from Missouri who you should not be angry at, came forward today.