Watch This Nissan GT-R Driver Allegedly Hit 150 MPH While Running From Police

Photo credit: Forsyth County Sheriff's Office
Photo credit: Forsyth County Sheriff's Office

A Georgia driver in a Nissan GT-R was arrested Monday after taking sheriff's deputies on a chase through highway and city streets that almost ended in a PIT maneuver.

Recently released dashcam footage of an incident on the night of September 24 shows Forsyth County Sheriff's deputies attempting to catch two cars reported speeding on the highway. A deputy followed the GT-R’s trail off of the highway, where the driver was clocked going 100 mph and picking up steam. He kept that pace speeding through the streets of Cumming, Georgia, allegedly hitting 150 mph, police said.

As you can hear on the video, the officer driving gets clearance to perform a PIT maneuver when the cruiser catches up to the driver. But almost as soon as he does, the driver of the GT-R waves his hand outside of the window, signaling his intention to stop. He says he’s sorry multiple times as the officer shouts at him to get out of the vehicle.

The day beforehand, another officer saw him going 179 mph but was unable to catch him. The driver, identified as Tejas Desai, 27, told officers that he didn’t feel the need to stop after he had reached such high speeds. Desai was charged with reckless driving and felony fleeing.

A PIT maneuver, or a precision immobilization technique, is used by law enforcement across the country to ram into the side of a vehicle to get it to swerve sideways and come to a stop. So think about that the next time you want to hit triple digits off track.

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