Watch your pets! Coyotes more active this time of year

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(WJW) – It’s coyote mating season, meaning you might see more coyotes on the move throughout the state in the coming months.

Coyotes are common across all of Ohio’s 88 counties. They become more active during mating season, which according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, falls between late January and March.

Beautiful photo of a wild coyote out in nature
Beautiful photo of a wild coyote out in nature

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Since they’re nocturnal animals, coyotes are most active between dusk and dawn. While they primarily hunt small mammals like rabbits and mice, your pets could also be at risk.

In a recent story from FOX 8’s sister station KFOR, security video captured the moment an Oklahoma family cat scared off two coyotes that were attacking a small dog.

Back in March 2022, FOX 8 reported on a coyote attack on a small dog in a Willoughby Hills backyard.

Wildlife experts say there are several steps pet owners can take to keep their four-foots safe.

First, according to ODNR, remove all “attractants” like garbage and outdoor pet food before dusk. You should also bring in small dogs and cats at night when coyotes are most active.

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If a coyote comes onto your property, ODNR suggests shouting or clapping loudly to scare it off.

If the coyote isn’t afraid of humans, you may need to reach out to a nuisance trapper. You can find one near you by calling the Division of Wildlife at 1-800-WILDLIFE (945-3543).

In rural areas, they can also be handled through legal hunting and trapping. Learn more about those regulations here.

Learn more about coyotes in Ohio at the ODNR website.

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