Plainview-Old Bethpage School Budget Vote Results Announced

Daniel Hampton

PLAINVIEW, NY — The Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District has a new budget, and results were also announced Tuesday night in the school board election.

The 2020-21 proposed school budget passed with 3,929 votes in favor and 1,598 votes against, the district announced on its website. Proposition 2 also passed to authorize expending up to $3.8 million from the Capital Reserve Fund with no increase to the proposed budget.

Trustees Debbie Bernstein and Ginger Lieberman were re-elected to three-year terms, and challenger Gary Bettan was elected to finish the term vacated by Jodi Keller, the current vice president.

The budget vote this year comes as school districts across the state face uncertainty over the amount of state aid they'll receive. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has warned that the economic effect of the coronavirus shutdown could mean much less money available for state education aid. The state will assess and adjust its budget several times in the course of this year. The governor's has estimated that state aid would be 20 percent lower than promised.

The budget is an expenditure plan that supports instructional programs and services. The tax levy is the money raised through property taxes after all other revenue sources are deducted.

Proposed 2020-21 School District Budget

The district has proposed increasing the budget and tax levy this year. The budget includes funding for k-8 teachers college reading and writing program, coding programs for grades 4-12, professional development for virtual learning and career and technical education business management and entrepreneurship programs.

Budget Overview

  • Proposed 2020-21 budget: $164.3 million
  • 2019-20 budget: $162.4 million
  • Budget increase (dollars): + $1.9 million
  • Budget increase (percent): + 1.16 percent
  • Proposed tax levy: $128.4 million
  • 2019-20 tax levy: $125.9 million
  • Tax levy increase (dollars): + $2.5 million
  • Tax levy increase (percent): + $1.98 percent

The tax levy is $1.4 million below the allowable tax cap, the district said.

Proposition 2

Voters also had the chance to weigh in on expending from the capital reserve fund. Proposition 2 would authorize expending up to $3.8 million from the Capital Reserve Fund with no increase to the proposed budget.

Board of Education

Three candidates ran for the Board of Education this year, including current President Debbie Bernstein and standing Trustee Ginger Lieberman. Gary Bettan also ran.

The two candidates receiving the most votes were elected as trustees serving three-year terms beginning July 1. The candidate receiving the least votes was to immediately fill the unexpired vacant seat until June 30, 2021.

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Proposed Budget Vote and Board Of Education Tally

This article originally appeared on the Plainview Patch