Watch: Robot from the University of Texas at Austin makes instant ramen


The University of Texas at Austin’s Human Centered Robotics Laboratory (HCRL) has shared a video featuring its latest DRACO 3 bipedal robot making ramen.

The demonstration: The sped-up video, uploaded to YouTube on April 25, shows DRACO 3 placing a pot on a portable stove before slowly dumping dried noodles and seasoning inside the pot.

After five minutes of simmering the noodles, the robot can be seen handing the pot over to its “favorite human.”

Key details: The video aims to demonstrate DRACO 3's ability to prepare a meal using virtual reality (VR) teleoperation, a technical term used in robotics that describes a human operator controlling a robot remotely.

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Behind the machine: The cooking robot was created by a group of students at HCRL, including Steve Han, Mingyo Seo, Hye-Young Chung, Kyutae Sim, Yifan Xu and Seung Hyeon Bang, among others. Yuke Zhu, an assistant professor of the university’s Department of Computer Science, is also part of the team.

HCRL is a division that “designs humanoid robots and researches bipedal locomotion,” according to Texas Robotics.

Not just cooking: Besides preparing a bowl of ramen, the team also previously showcased DRACO 3’s ability to place the cap back on a spray can.

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What people are saying: Some YouTube users found the cooking video amusing, especially due to the robot’s shaky hands.

"Poor thing must be sweating bullets being his first time doing this,” one user wrote, while another commented, “Moves like me in detox."


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