Watch Satanists Praise Gov. Rick Scott in Clip from New Doc ‘Hail, Satan?’

EJ Dickson

Despite its admittedly provocative title, the documentary Hail, Satan? is not an endorsement of devil worship. It is, however, a funny, nuanced, sympathetic look at the people behind the Satanic Temple, an organization that may have originally started out as trolling, but has evolved into a grassroots movement advocating for the separation of church and state in the United States.

Directed by Penny Lane, Hail, Satan? follows the lives of people in the Satanic Temple, a group committed to freedom of expression and secular values. In this clip, a man in a Baphomet headpiece (Baphomet is the goat-like demon associated with the temple) arrives at a rally at the state capitol for then-Florida Gov. Rick Scott, announcing, “We’re here to spread a message of good will and benevolence and open-mindedness and free expression.” The rally was held in support of Gov. Scott for signing a bill that allows for prayer in schools, which the Satanists “supported” due to the belief that it would encourage the expression of Satanic principles.

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“We honor Gov. Rick Scott — hail Satan, Rick! — for providing us the opportunity to make the Satanic cause clear and make our presence known,” the spokesperson for the Satanic Temple says in the speech.

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